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5 Great GoPro Mounts and Their DIY Versions

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DIY GoPro MountsGoPro cameras have earned a reputation among action sports enthusiasts as a quick, convenient, and rugged way to capture their adventures and stunts. These cameras are indeed quite useful, but to get really good footage, you will need a good GoPro mount to film in unique and interesting ways. However, don’t feel like you need to shell out lots of money for a specialized mount. Instead, why not make a fun DIY project of it? Here, we will cover the 5 best GoPro mounts and the best way to recreate their functionality yourself!



GoPro Helmet Mount

Many people like to mount their GoPro camera straight to their helmet. This allows them to capture first-person footage in a number of situations. Whether you enjoy snowboarding, skateboarding, skiing, or more, this mount will allow you to capture footage without any hassle. The best helmet mount is made by GoPro, and mounts right on the front of your helmet. You can easily recreate a helmet mount by snapping the camera on to your helmet with the included mount, and then you can just mount the camera forward or backward, depending on how you snap the camera in.


The GoClamp is a flexible, easy to use GoPro mount that allows you to simply clamp the camera on to any tube or platform. Previously, this mount was only available on Kickstarter, but you can make one for yourself for only $5. Simply take the GoPro tripod mount, a spring clamp, and a couple nuts and bolts. Drill through the spring clamp using a power drill, and then fasten the GoPro camera to the hole using the nuts and bolts. Clamp it on and start filming!


For those looking to film underwater, the Aquapod Underwater Monopod serves as an effective, lightweight mount for seeing all of the crazy sights you see under the surface. Most importantly, it can extend from 18” to 53” (46cm to 135cm) to let you see the underwater wildlife without needing to get too close yourself. You can save yourself a lot of money by making your own telescoping pole mount. Again, you will just need a GoPro tripod mount and an adjustable pole of some sort, which can be bought for about $10. Simply cut off the end of the  pole with a hacksaw, and fasten the tripod mount. Learn how to make your own here.


Again, underwater, you may want to film a bit from a first person perspective. Hands free filming will allow for some very unique footage, but dedicated mask mounts are very expensive. Instead, you can simply pick up a cheap GoPro head mount. We recommend using a DIY tethering system to secure your GoPro to your mask for added safety.

GoPro Helicopter Mount


Finally, for a truly unique shot, you can mount your GoPro  to a camera quadcopter. This will give you sweeping aerial shots from any angle you want, but these are incredibly expensive. For a very similar effect at about a tenth of the cost, you can use balloon mount your GoPro camera to a block of styrofoam and hang it with string. An extra line to the ground will let you control where the balloon mounted camera goes, and you will get impressive aerial shots all day long.

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