5 Desert Island Accessories Your GoPro Should Never be Without

GoPro Desert Island

You’re stuck in the middle of nowhere. Good news is you’ve got your trusty GoPro camera so you can film some really cool stuff. The better news is that you’ve got your GoPro survival kit handy too, so that footage won’t be a jumbled mess. Here are the 5 accessories that should never leave your GoPro’s side:

1. GoPro Tripod Adapter

GoPro Tripod Mount

The GoPro tripod adapter is kind of the mother of DIY GoPro invention. It opens up so many opportunities for being creative. Anything you can stick a 1/4″ bolt in suddenly becomes another GoPro mount! Any self respecting GoPro DIYer will have at least couple of these stashed in their toolbox.

2. Pole Mount

DIY GoPro Pole Mount

The poor man’s steady cam. A good DIY pole mount is essential for grabbing nice selfies while doing whatever you do that is cool. Here’s a tip, when you’re using it to film stuff other than yourself, hang the camera down towards the ground as opposed to positioning it on top of the pole—you’ll get smoother footage.

3. Extra Battery

GoPro Battery BacPacIf you’ve used a GoPro for long, you know the battery life is not the best.  And for long timelapses in particular, extra battery power is pretty crucial. Although it’s a bit expensive, we like the GoPro Battery BacPac since it comes with a larger waterproof door for your GoPro. One of the cheapest places we’ve seen is at B&H.

4. Chest Mount

Chest mounts offer a slightly difference perspective than the head mount which allows you to capture what your arms are up to during filming. GoPro’s “Chesty” is notoriously expensive, so we like this DIY Chest mount we posted.

5. Panning Timelapse Mount

DIY GoPro Timelapse Egg TimerTimelapses are awesome. You know what makes them more awesome? Having your camera move during the recording. A DIY GoPro timelapse mount costs a few bucks to make and takes your timelapses to another level.