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A complicated body organ employed for urination, intercourse, and you can reproduction

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Your penis is actually an elaborate exterior organ within the males regularly urinate as well as for gender and reproduction. They includes multiple pieces, such as the axle, direct, and you will foreskin. This article refers to the physiology and purpose of your penis, and conditions that can affect the big event or looks of penis within beginning or afterwards in daily life. Structure The penis reaches the leading of your system from the aplikacje randkowe faceflow the bottom of the new pelvis. The brand new scrotum, with which has the new testicles, lies close to the cock. Glans: This new glans , or head of your manhood, is the sensitive construction at the conclusion of the latest corpus (shaft). Urethra: The fresh urethra was a pipeline inside the knob one runs out-of the fresh new bladder toward head of one’s manhood. It is used for urination. It also crosses through the prostate gland, in which a gap, called the ejaculatory duct, gets sperm and liquid that make up semen. Meatus: This new meatus ‘s the opening on tip of one’s glans by which urine or semen exits you. Prepuce: The fresh new prepuce , or foreskin, is actually a […]