DIY Electronic Camera Gimbal for GoPro

September 30, 2013 / by / 1 Comment

Not much of a tutorial here, but we thought you guys needed to see this amazing homemade electronic camera gimbal! The creator of this video,¬†Alex Moskalenko, doesn’t have much of an online presence, but man, we wish he’d put out a tutorial for this bad boy.


  • It’s handheld. The problem with most DIY steadicam designs is they’re not very portable. Can you imagine riding your bike like Alex does in the video while holding one of our steadicam designs?
  • It’s super responsive. Have you ever seen the incredibly smooth footage that appears in snowboarding films like The Art of Flight? That footage is only possible using super advanced electronic gimbals. Although not perfect, this design looks like it’s pretty damn close.
  • It might be affordable. The camera/gimbal system they use in The Art of Flight is called the Cineflex and costs nearly $300,000! This small handheld version might just be the DIY GoPro community’s dream come true in regards to portability and cost. We’re willing to bet that you could make using parts from an Arduino.

Until we come up with a tutorial on how to build one of these amazing gadgets, you can keep tabs on this sweet KickStarter project called EasyGimbal. If any of you guys have something in works, remember to let us know so we can share it with the community!

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