GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition

GoPro releases the Hero 3+: So what’s the big difference?

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GoPro just released the newest addition to the Hero family – meet the GoPro Hero3+ Black. A smaller, faster and sharper version of the Hero 3. Upon first inspection, the 3+ might look identical to it’s predecessor but it’s the internals of the camera that pack the biggest punch.

So what exactly is new and improved on the Hero3+?

  • Size: The Hero3+ Black edition is 20% smaller and noticeably lighter than the previous version.
  • Optics: The Hero3+ has a new lens which GoPro claims will increase image sharpness by 33%. The sensor has been upgraded for better low-light performance – Auto Low Light mode can automatically adjust the frame rate for low light performance.
  • SuperView Mode: This is a new video mode that will capture an immersive wide angle perspective. Using 1080 or 720 SuperView mode will shoot footage in the 4:3 aspect ratio and present it in a 16:9 view. Rather than cropping the image to become 16:9 as the previous edition did, the Hero 3+ will use the entire sensor to shoot in the 4:3 ratio and then conform the image within the camera to be 16:9
  • Battery Life: According to a GoPro there is a 30% improvement on battery life. The team over at Gizmodo ran a test to confirm this statement and found that while the Hero 3 Black could film continuously for 1hr 37min, the new Hero 3+ Black could film for 2hrs 9min – a 25% improvement. Not quite 30% but we can all agree it’s a serious upgrade on one of the most aggravating features of the Hero 3.
  • Sound: The Hero3+ has redesigned mics featuring increased mic sensitivity and a reduction in unwanted noise. They’ve also moved one of the mics to the top of the cam.
  • Pricing: Pricing will run about the same as last year, the Hero 3+ Black edition will run about $400 with the Silver edition costing about $300.  (GoPro did not release a White edition of the 3+) What else does this mean? Big discounts on the Hero 3 – if you don’t want to grab the 3+ just yet, it will be worthwhile to wait a few more weeks to grab a Hero 3 at a low price.

We’re all excited about the new Hero 3+ here at and will be sure to post the best DIY projects for the Hero3+.

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